The world is [populism of] at Trump President

For [populism], says expert

The world is [populism of] at Trump President For [populism], says an expert. The ▪︎ populism? It is public incitement type of politics that occur in democracies. Emotion the result of the vote has moved at that time, political outsider and amateur will epithet to take the seats and power in instantaneous wind speed. Daily points and the general public to feel far away the politics to participate widely and [this state in Do not], there is also the side to expand the movement drunk to [justice] of each of the camp. In addition, since the short-term complaints resolved is the driving force, if you did not dramatic effect is seen after the actual regime change has been made, it quickly deflated. Entertainment of a strong political also features. ▪︎ the current populism? Current of populism tend to Furikireru to the left wing in Japan, in Europe and the United States is right-wing.

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